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World Reset?

DannFunx posted Mon at 18:03
Please review this thread for information pertaining to this poll.

With some revisions made in the thread above, the decision for a server reset will be split into 2 polls. This poll is for you, the people of this server, to officially decide whether a reset is in order or not.

Remember, DO NOT think about what will happen with importing, compensation, or anything of that sort! This poll's sole intention is for everyone to decide whether a server reset should even happen in the first place.
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bigflipnmarThis vote is for a reset in general or is it for 1.8?
threetom39   As far as I know, if we vote to reset the server, it's gonna happen.
AndrewSurvives   If we reset before 1.8 wont we have to reset again when 1.8 comes out to avoid conflicts in game code on map generation (like we ran into when we jumped from 1.6 to 1.7 without a reset right away)?
CaddyMyers   Most likely, the reset itself won't occur until after 1.8 is released; this is the most logical way to go about this, in my opinion, because the update will contain major world generation changes.
drpestilenceWhat client are we needing to use to get on atm?
drpestilence   okay, I must revert somehow.
drpestilence   OO figured it out.
Hershey_S1L2   1.7.2 to 1.7.5 works
DannFunx   published World Reset? on Latest News
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Hershey_S1L2I had fun doing this today...
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Hershey_S1L2   Program: XNALara Posing Studio (XNALara/XPS)
(this program is free, and not extremely complicated to use)

Models can be found on DeviantART
- Easier to start searching in this group: [link]

Each XNALara/XPS image on DA as to credit authors of used models, so you can also check image description to find models (for example: I did not find the minecraft steve model on the DA group's page, so I had to search for it myself and I mention the author in the image's description so that others may find the model at the author's page)
DannFunx   Sweet, thanks man ill have to check it out :)
trapzor   LOL! This is awesome.
GeneralBE47645so yeah I couldn't make the meeting b/c of work. I don't see on the thread if any decision was made regarding restarting or warping in lost buildings from creative. Anyone have an answer for me?
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Hershey_S1L2   No real decision has been made about the reset.
I suggest that a poll be made with the following choices:

1. Status Quo (No reset, no compensation, no imports);
2. No Reset, but Old World Imports (no compensation);
3. No Reset, No Imports, but compensation;
4. Reset, but No Imports and no compensation;
5. Reset, with Old World Imports (no compensation);
6. Reset, with compensation (no imports).

(Can be made into two polls: First, Reset or Not; Second, Imports or compensation or nothing)

Compensation: Diamonds according to rank (example: Citizen>16D, Veteran>32D, 100hours>64D, 200hours>128D, 300hours>256D, 400hours>512D) or proof/bargain (screenshots, builds, etc) and specific items (enchanted tools, weapons and armor, torches?, etc).
CaddyMyers   Due to the fact that the possibility of a server reset was prioritized as one of the most important items of business, I will be making a poll on the forums using Hershey's information above.
GeneralBE47645   thanks dann, I still have to rebuild my thing again in creative. I just wanted to make sure I had a reason to. luckily this is my last week of classes so I can come back to mc soon.
TallGuyRojoi can't connect
DannFunx   I can log in fine, are you using 1.7.2 ?
fellinpoop   joined Midgard Server
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DannFunxVoting for the server now rewards Diamonds for each vote again, I managed to fix this. Also in the building near /spawn it will display the top voters each month aswell as who has played the most this week :)
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bloodywanker231   I saw the heads earlier and was impressed, cool idea!
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